Brewco Incorporated Acquires Timberland Machinery

Sep 30, 2015 in News

Brewco Incorporated announces the acquisition of the Big Jake Scragg assets from Timberland Machinery Incorporated, located in West Plains, Missouri

Mike Goldston, president of Brewco commented, “We are excited about this great opportunity to acquire Timberland Machinery’s Big Jake Scragg. Timberland produces the best scragg system on the market, and this adds a solid product line to our other outstanding equipment that we manufacture. With this acquisition we can now offer a scragg system that will complement many of the market segments we service including producers of grade lumber, crossties, and pallet cut stock.” Mr. Goldston added, “We are always striving to adapt to industry changes, and with the log supply getting more expensive, we identified the need to offer our customers the most efficient way to break down a log and process the wood. And the Big Jake Scragg System does just that.” In addition to the scragg, Brewco is also acquiring all automation and controls as well as the Auto Edger, Notcher, Trim Saws, and Rotary Kicker.

Timberland’s founder and owner, Dennis Franks, is looking forward to retiring and traveling with his wife. Mr. Franks said, “I’ve worked hard for many years developing and manufacturing scragg systems. The Big Jake Scragg System, which is named after my grandson, is near and dear to my heart and I wanted to ensure that my legacy was passed on to a company with a solid reputation, and Brewco is that company.” Mr. Franks added, “Several companies have attempted to copy my Big Jake, but the sophisticated and proprietary automation controls, along with the complex hydraulic system have allowed me to stay several steps ahead of the competition. Brewco has a brilliant staff that includes a Mechanical Engineer, a PLC/Automation Engineer, and a Hydraulic Engineer. This was a driving factor in my decision to sell the Big Jake to Brewco.”
Timberland Machinery, Inc. will continue to operate in West Plains, MO. However, the company will only manufacture a deduster and a stacker.

About Brewco Incorporated: Headquartered in Central City, KY, Brewco is a leading supplier of sawmill and wood processing equipment. Founded in 1991, Brewco was purchased in October of 2010 by Mike Goldston, Bill Hendrix, and David Piper. Best known for the B-1600 Grade Run-Around System, Brewco also manufactures stave mill equipment, crosstie processing equipment, and pallet mill equipment. Since the 2010 purchase, the company has grown from 22 employees to 47 employees.

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